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Endure Walls is a proud partner of DuPont providing the technology of Tedlar® Polyvinyl Fluoride film (PVF) to our wallcoverings. The innovation of DuPont Tedlar® PVF means our wallcoverings are indeed a specialty surface that provides many exceptional benefits.

The impervious barrier of Tedlar® PVF, offers superior science to our wallcoverings. Tedlar® PVF has a proven history for durability making our wallcoverings an excellent choice for longevity.

We have yet to find anything that stains Tedlar® Wallcoverings. Wipe away everything from permanent marker, hair color, food stains to betadine. There is a big difference between being “stain resistant” versus stain proof.

All Tedlar® Wallcoverings are Health Product Declaration® verified, ensuring a healthy contribution to clean indoor air quality. Third-party laboratory testing has proven that Tedlar® PVF film does not support or provide nutrients to assist in mold and bacteria growth, including E. coli. The surface of Tedlar® PVF doesn’t allow for germs to fester and spread.

Tedlar® film stands up to the harshest industrial cleaning products, including bleach and alcohol-based solvents. It is even unaffected by strong acids and acetone. Pattern and colors are stable.

Clean, disinfect and sanitize with confidence. Tedlar® Wallcoverings can endure harsh environments. Low maintenance costs provide the affordability your environment deserves.

Low smoke ratings and the fact that Tedlar® does not readily burn or support combustion, makes it one of the safest materials designed for interiors.

All of Endure Walls 54” wide Commercial Tedlar® Wallcoverings are manufactured in the U.S.A. Several of our patterns are stocked for immediate availability in our Delaware warehouse.

Tedlar® Wallcoverings are SO much more than the average wallcovering.

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