Tedlar® Cleanability & Stain Removal


This guide is intended to show the stain resistance of vinyl wall covering clad with Tedlar® SP poly-vinyl fluoride (PVF) film and assist the wall covering manufacturer and specifier in product selection, lamination, and quality control of wall coverings clad with Teldar® SP.

This information is believed to be the best currently available and is offered to help in your own experimentation and evaluation. This information will be revised as additional experience and information are developed.


Outstanding stain resistance and cleanability are unique features of vinyl-based wall covering material protected with Tedlar® SP PVF film. Staining agents likely to be encountered in high-traffic areas of hospitals, schools, office buildings, hotels, and other densely populated structures will not affect the Tedlar® SP finish. More importantly, the stains can easily be removed with an appropriate cleaning agent.

Stain Removal

The procedures for removing stains from vinyl-based wall covering protected with Tedlar® SP can be divided into three categories depending upon the staining agent. In all cases cleaners should be applied generously using a soft cloth with very light pressure to avoid polishing the stained area.

1. Easy Procedures (Cloth Only, Wet or Dry)

Tedlar® is easier to clean than other protective materials. Thus, many staining agents can simply be wiped from the wall covering with a wet or dry cloth.

2. Mild Procedures (Soaps, Household Detergents)

Some staining agents, such as common lipstick or ballpoint pen ink, require the use of warm, full strength solutions of standard household detergents such as Fantastik*. These stains should be removed with a soft cloth and detergent solution, and given a final rinse of clear water to effect maximum stain removal.

3. Moderate Procedures (Solvents)

Many staining agents, especially those with heavy oil or grease bases, will require the use of a solvent for removal. To remove asphalt, tar, road oil, grease, fresh paint, or caulking compounds from wall coverings protected with Tedlar® SP PVF film, use a good grade of mineral spirits, kerosene, naphtha, turpentine, or commercial automotive or road-oil removal agent. Follow the procedure with a detergent rinse and a clear water rinse. Commercial fabric cleaning fluids may also be used to remove stains from agents such as chewing gum or marking pen ink. Or, for the most stubborn stains, solvents such as acetone, toluene, or mthyl ethyl ketone (MEK) may be used.

The stain resistance and cleanability characteristics of Tedlar® SP PVF film have been tested in many real life conditions, particularly those where the staining agent has been permitted to "set" on the wall covering for 24 hours or more. Laboratory tests confirm that Tedlar® SP PVF film is resistant to staining agents, easy to clean, and will not fade or streak even after heavy cleaning.

Tedlar® Commercial Wallcoverings are protected by a film that provides an impervious barrier against stains, making it easy to wipe away everything from permanent marker to betadine.

Cleaners & Bleach

Tedlar® film can stand up to the harshest cleaning products. It is unaffected by strong acids, bases and acetone.

Fire & Smoke

Tedlar® film does not burn or support combustion, making it one of the safest materials designed for interiors.

Mold, Mildew & Bacteria

Bacteria does not degrade Tedlar® film, nor does the film provide nutrients to assist bacterial growth.