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Type III Surface Protection in a Type II Weight.

DuPont Tedlar® Wallcoverings offer exceptional stain and abrasion resistance. They provide a protective barrier against almost any staining agent and most cleaning solvents including bleach, alcohols, ketones (acetone, MEK) and even strong acids and alkalis. This barrier ensures staining agents can be easily cleaned leaving an undamaged, good as new appearance that can be maintained over a long period of time. Tedlar® Wallcoverings Type II vinyl wallcovering passes the CCC-W-408D scrubbability and abrasion test for Type III wallcovering.

Bacteria, Mold and Mildew Resistant.

The surface of Tedlar® Wallcoverings does not provide nutrients to enable mold or bacteria growth and is certified to pass ASTM G21 and JIS Z 2801 by MicroStar Labs, Chicago, IL.

Fire and Smoke.

Tedlar® Wallcoverings has low flame spread and smoke development ratings, exceeding the ASTM E84 Class A rating. Pattern Appearance and Color. All patterns are designed to simulate natural materials. Subtle variations in color, texture & shading should be anticipated as these are part of the manufacturing process and add to the richness and beauty of the product.

Chemical Resistant.

Tedlar® Wallcoverings hold up to Bleach, Alcohol and Alkalis cleaners so you can disinfect easily. Proven to withstand 30 years in a high traffic area of a hospital and still look new.


Tedlar® Wallcoverings ability to stand up to the harshest cleaning chemicals means you have easy-to-clean walls that will assist in maintaining a hygienic environment for years to come. Indoor Air Quality. Tedlar® Wallcoverings are Greenguard Gold IAQ certified. It meets strict chemical emissions limits and has been tested for more than 10,000 chemicals making it perfect for all your projects, including schools and healthcare facilities with sensitive individuals.

Product Specifications

Type Tedlar® Wallcovering -Type II
Weight 20 oz./lin. yd. | 620.1 g./lin.m.
Width 52"-54" | 132.08cm.-137.16cm
Length 30 lin. yd. | 27.432 lin. m.
Finish Tedlar® Film Laminate
Backing Nonwoven
Installation Random Match
Fire Rating Class A, Exceeds ASTM E84
Stain Resistance Yes, Exceeds Reagents Test CCC-W-408D
Abrasion Resistance Passes Type III CCC-W-408D
Scrubbability Passes Type III CCC-W-408D
Anti-Microbial Yes, Passes ASTM G21, JIS Z 2801

Product Spec Sheet